Cheap Eats – $9 Spaghetti for 4

Last night we were shopping and everybody was pretty “hangry”.  We decided to cut the trip short and eat out.  Sitting in the truck on our iphones we searched for a restaurant and I couldn’t do it.  No matter where we went it was going to be at least $30.  I ran back into the store for protein and veges and made a pretty good meal.

photo 2 (5)


Del Monte Pasta Sauce (Can)  $0.88
Noodles (1/2 pack)  $0.64
Bell Pepper  $0.60
Onion (1/2 medium)  $0.39
HEB Ground Turkey (1lb of 3lb Packet)  $2.29
Ceasar Salad Kit  $3.99
Total  $8.79 


Get a pot of water with a punch of salt going straight away.  Put the meat in a pan and start browning.  Once nearly cooked, drain fat and add chopped bell pepper and onion (and garlic if you have it).  Once onions are translucent add the can of Del Monte Pasta Sauce and simmer.

Once the noodle are done (sticking to the wall and have the right texture) run cold water over them.

This meal fed the four of us and even left one lunch serving for under $9.  This is a winner.

photo 1 (5)
Well…Henry liked it…

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