Twisting in the Wind

Earlier this week that I needed a job.  I could see our residual expenses stacking up and our goal of floating to January seemed to look more like early December.


Kim found an add in the paper requesting balloon artists.  I have the skillz still so I gave them a ring Tuesday morning.  Within an hour the owner Christena called back, asked a few questions then told me there was a group interview in the next two hours.  Katheryn the Austin manager called next and told me how the company operated and gave me directions.

1hr later I’m sitting across Katheryn in a Whataburger booth, talking shop like I know what the fuck I’m talking about…  Amazing Texas Twisters has an opening and they are especially excited about me because I’m the only person who can fit in the Iron Man costume.  Honestly that was a bit of a confidence booster…where do I sign?

KatyaSo my first  gig is in north of town at a place called EZ’s.  I’m supposed to shadow “Katya” and the first thing I think of is Katya Casanova.  Sweet!  I waited in the parking lot of EZ’s, a sleepy burger joint with a brick oven to give them credibility.  Katje pulled up and turned out to be a slightly heavyset, mid-fourties german lady with a heart of gold.

Katje’s  idea of shadowing is quite literal and I stood next to her for the first five tables standing and watching.  It was horrible…all I could think about is “why am I here?”.  But as the night went on I spoke withSONY DSC the customers more and made some balloons.  I generally got to goof off and it was a really fun feeling.

I told Katje I was going to go and she said in her thick German accent she said, “Can I give you a hug?”  Hell yes.

I cruised back through downtown on Lamar, then across the river and on to Manchaca.  Windows down, feeling great.  I don’t know where this is going…all of it.  But in certain moments I’m finding happiness that was lost a long time ago.  It makes up for the self doubt and hand wringing.

photo 1 (7)


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